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"I highly recommend this book for Christians, but more importantly all who have doubts and questions about God."

"Beautifully written and hard to put down."

"What a fantastic book! So easy to read and understand."

"Well told, humorous and moving stories."

"It's an incredibly easy read with a powerful message."

"This book has strengthened my faith and helped me realize the power the devil can have."

"It reads so easy and explains so clearly. Love the way it makes me feel, brother."

"A must read for anyone, but especially those who aren't comfortable with conventional religion and a great message that God is not just at church on Sunday, but in your everyday life."

“Once I began reading, I could not put this book down. Just about every one of us can
identify with some of the anecdotes Glenn shared from his own life, which are at times brutally honest.”

 “Many of his chapters are humorous and filled with personal observations and life lessons.”

 “This is a wonderful collection of thought provoking, emotional and funny short stories that reads very quickly.”

 “I would recommend this book to anyone, it’s a great self-improvement book for the

      The question that I want to ask everyone reading this. How do you feel about the return of Jesus Christ and Judgement Time? Are you in a good place with God and Jesus? Do you know that you are going to Heaven? Do you feel comfortable
standing before God and answer His question: What have you done for my kingdom?

    God made going to Heaven a
process that involves letting go of your pride and following His Plan! Before you take your last breath, He simply wants you to express sorrow for the mistakes you have made throughout your life and repent! He also wants you to check in with the gate keeper of Heaven, His Son Jesus Christ. This is a fairly simple process if you think about it! The ramifications of not doing this are frightening and your need to secure your place in Heaven for you and your family should be front and center in your life!
Glenn Thompson

Glenn Speaks Before Congress

Glenn's first book, The Tradition of Cheating in the Sport of Kings", along with his expertise and experience in the field of horse racing, earned him an invitation to speak before congress.

"I am the way, the truth and the life. No man cometh unto the father, but by me."

John 14:6