Devil Children

Devil Children

Devil Children

      In my new book, “Have Faith in God but Believe in the Devil” there is a chapter titled “DEVIL CHILDREN.” This chapter focuses on how to spot sons and daughters of the Devil and prevent them from accomplishing their goal which is causing destruction in your life! The following are some quotes from that chapter;

I feel that one of the most important things that anyone can learn in life is how to spot a child of the devil.

“These individuals have very dark souls but are gifted at hiding their intentions behind a charming smile.”

“Their job here on earth is to infiltrate, certain peoples lives and throw them off course by any means possible. Trust me they’re very good at their craft!”

“The pain and disappointment they inflict runs deep, and they use your loyalty, integrity and feelings against you in a battle for your soul”

“You should make it a lifelong priority to distance yourself from the destruction that they will try and bring into your life.”

     I hope you are getting the goal of this chapter, which is to explain that Satan is real, and he is actively trying to hurt you and your family. This chapter also has an interesting quote from Jesus Christ that goes like this: “And a man’s foes shall be those of his own household.” What Christ is making clear here is that some of your family and loved ones are playing for the Devil’s team and you need to be aware of that! We all like to think of the family bond being special and that loved ones have your best interests at heart! Trust me, that is clearly not the case with many individuals! The Devil supplies many people with their rations and needs! The better they are at messing up your life the better they eat at night!!
          BEWARE- The following is a quote from the Bible that reveals the dangers of ignoring the reality of the Devil: “Be sober, be vigilant, because your adversary the devil walketh about as a roaring lion, seeking whom he may devour.”
        Pay attention to the people around you and figure out if they have good intentions in their hearts for you or dark intentions? If you feel their darkness, I highly suggest you distance yourself and move closer to people that you know support the good things in life!!

My Book’s Website is and the reviews at Amazon and Barnes and Noble have been amazing! I hope more people join our team and share their thoughts about Have Faith in God but Believe in the Devil. I honestly feel it can make a big impact and help a lot of people avoid the devil and find their way to Heaven!

God Bless,
Glenn Thompson

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