Heaven or Hell

Heaven or Hell

The following are words and comments used to describe my book “Have Faith in God but Believe in the Devil” They are all very nice and flattering but I want to make very clear the purpose for my book! I wrote this book to get YOU the reader, on the narrow road to Heaven! I used scripture from the Bible and words from Jesus Christ to get you where you need to be! I could hand out millions of Bibles and check back in ten years and possibly one hundred would be read cover to cover. The Bible is a very difficult read! I have been reading it for 40 years and still haven’t finished it. My book cannot even come close to replacing the Bible but if you follow the guidance and directions that I pulled from the Bible, your pathway to Heaven will be GUARANTEED!! The good news about my book is that it will only take you two hours to read!! I strongly suggest that you make this a family project and include people that you love. Parents, this is a great way to get your children on the right path in an entertaining way! I honestly believe that they will enjoy my book and will learn a great deal!
      I wish everyone guidance from the Father, Son and Holy Spirit to help with the journey and want to encourage everyone Not To Put This Off! As we all know,  things are getting very disturbing and confusing in the world! Get yourself and your family in a good place with God and take a deep breath knowing that your Eternal Destination is secure!!

“Glenn zeroed everything in for me with his book”

“This book has opened my eyes and soul so I now know my direction”

“It is a most humorous, poignant and educational read that should be mandatory reading for all school age children”

“I highly recommend this book for Christians but more importantly all who have doubts and questions about God”

“Beautifully written and hard to put down”
“What a fantastic book. So easy to read and understand”

“Well told, humorous and moving stories”

“It’s an incredible easy read with a powerful message”

“This book has strengthened my faith and helped me realize the power the devil can have”

“It reads so easy and explains so clearly. Love the way it makes me feel brother”

“A must read for anyone, but especially those who aren’t comfortable with conventional religion and a great message that God is not just at church on Sunday but in your everyday life”

“Once I began reading, I could not put this book down. Just about every one of us can identify with some of the anecdotes Glenn shared from his own life, which are at times brutally honest”

“Many of his chapters are humorous and filled with personal observations and life lessons”

“This is a wonderful collection of thought provoking, emotional and funny short stories that reads very quickly”

“I would recommend this book to anyone, it’s a great self improvement book for the soul”

“Glenn is unapologetically honest, forthcoming, and even uses his humor to entertain!”

“Makes you really think”

“Very well written, exciting, loved reading his book”

“Glenn’s passion throughout this book is felt! He is reminding those readers that there is HOPE and a direct path to a life of abundance”

Glenn R. Thompson

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