Parents' Biggest Regret

Parents' Biggest Regret

     Parents have an obligation and desire to raise their children with the tools to become strong and successful adults. This is not an easy task in this day and age and it takes a lot of thought, time and effort. I constantly hear  “I want the best for my child” but don’t hear God mentioned in the conversation? These parents want the best job, the best car, the big new house; in other words they are very concerned about worldly possessions and seem to walk right past God and His wishes for your family? God is concerned about your children’s final destination and eternity and you should be too! 

       I have always found near death experiences interesting and feel some of them offer us a peak at some true events that have happened to a lot of people. Some of these events concern people that are in Hell for a spell. One of the things I gather is that the people that go there clearly know why they are there and as much as they don’t want to, in a way they actually accept that they deserve to be there. I believe they are shown a review of their life and  moments in time when they chose to reject God’s guidance and plan to take them and their family to Heaven. When you are guilty and you know it, accepting your destiny is very painful but doable. The question I want to ask all parents is, how are you going to feel knowing that your precious children are soon to join you in Hell?? I can’t imagine a worse feeling in the world than knowing that you didn’t take the time to teach your kids the most important and valuable lesson that they really needed to be aware of. The  lesson about Heaven and Hell, the lesson about God, Jesus and the Devil, the lessons about the 10 commandments and how the Devil will use every trick in the book to get your children to break them! The Bible has an interesting story about a rich man named Lazarus in Hell. He understands why he is there and accepts his fate but does put in a request for two things. One is a few drops of water for his tongue, apparently there is no water in Hell. The next is the desire for a ghost to go and warn his five brothers about Hell so they don’t join him in this horrible place! Knowing your brothers are going to join you in Hell is one thing but realizing you children are shortly to be with you?? This has got to be the worst feeling any man or woman will ever face and I am hoping anyone reading this will shift gears and do the right thing! 

      Heaven and Hell are right around the corner and I know a lot of people are happy with the life the Devil has blessed them with! The problem is that very shortly, the battle is going to go down and Satan is going to Fall! If You and your Family are playing for his team, you are going to fall with him!!

       God and Jesus Christ are making their final drive by! They are going to be pulling up and parking in front of your house for a defining moment. This post might be your final chance to change you and your family’s final destination? Do whatever you have to do to Get In God’s  Car!!

My book, “Have Faith in God but Believe in the Devil has 25 short stories that are similar with direction and intent to this one! I feel it can help you with choices that need to be made and get you and your family on the narrow path to Heaven! 

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