So You Think You Might Want To Abandon Your Family?

So You Think You Might Want To Abandon Your Family?

 Once upon a time about twenty-five years ago, Carl Simpson met the woman of his dreams! Her name was Sarah and though she was not drop dead gorgeous, she had a humble beauty about her that was seen and felt! Her big heart, kindness and loyalty was unmatched, and Carl knew that she loved him! Six months after meeting, they were married, and Sarah became pregnant and delivered a baby boy they named Bradley. Carl had a great job working for an advertising company and life was good. He was a leader in his church community and very effective at spreading the word of God! The Devil becomes worried about Carl and his gift for getting people to consider turning their lives over to Christ. Carl’s conversions are starting to stack up and Satan is getting very concerned! He decides that Carl is someone that he wants to deal with personally!

Out of the blue comes a job offer for Carl that is too good to be true and little does he know that Lucifer is the CEO of the company making the offer! The salary that is being offered is three times higher than Carl’s current job and the perks are amazing! His new company car would be a top-of-the-line Mercedes, He will have access to a private jet and Lucifer will make sure Carl has access to his new stunning secretary Jennifer! Now if you saw Jennifer in her natural state, you would be repulsed! She is one of the ugliest looking demons that ever walked the earth but damn if she doesn’t clean up well… The Devil has sent Jennifer after twenty-two men and five women over the years and her record is 27-0! She is undefeated and has destroyed the lives of many good men and women and put them on the very wide road to Hell! Carl’s soul is currently in Jen’s crosshairs, and she is putting a well thought out plan together to make sure Carl is number 28!

Carl and Sarah have a very important decision to make, and it appears they are not on the same page. Carl is looking at things from the worlds perspective and rationalizing that the new job will be best for their family! Sarah is leaning on her faith for guidance and does not have a good feeling about the new company and senses danger for their precious family! The Devil has his foot in the door, and he knows it! He knows that Carl susceptible to certain temptation, so he tacks on a hundred thousand dollar signing bonus! Done deal, Carl bites the apple in spite of Sarah’s objections.

 From Carl’s perspective everything is amazing! He is having a very successful beginning with the new job! Everyone keeps telling him what a rock star he is and sadly he is starting to believe them! Carl is doing a lot more traveling these days and spending time away from his family! Sarah starts sensing a dark change in Carl and knows that they are in trouble. She does what she can to fight for her family but sadly, feels like she is losing the battle! The two of them are beginning to argue and a wall is going up. Carl seems to have lost interest in Sarah and their son Bradly and begins to focus all of his attention on his job and his demon secretary. Jennifer senses the attraction and her attire suddenly become a tad more interesting. Shortly thereafter Carl falls to temptation and commits adultery with Jennifer. Carl becomes absolutely infatuated with Jen and within a few months, he announces to Sarah that he wants a divorce!

Sarah put up a fight for the family’s sake but in her heart, she knew he was gone. The divorce went smoothly, and Carl was generous with child support and Sarah refused his offer for alimony. As things progressed, Carl stepped away from his faith and spent little to no time with Bradley. This truly broke Sarah’s heart! Carl ended up marrying Jennifer and was promoted to Vice President of the company!

Now comes the devil’s favorite part, Carl’s fall! Ten years have gone by and Carl felt his life couldn’t be better, but little does he know, change is on the horizon! Carl catches Jennifer in the act of cheating on him with a coworker. This was a man that he considered to be a close friend. This was devastating for Carl because he never saw it coming! Round two comes when Carl is fired out of the blue with little to no explanation! He is given one month’s severance pay and asked to leave a house that he thought he owned. The CEO bought Carl his house, but the devil is into details and there was some  fine print in the contract that sent the house back to the company if Carl was terminated! The knockout blow comes in the Crypto Currency Market! Carl was convinced by the CEO and Jennifer to invest heavily in a new Cryptocurrency! The returns had been shocking and he had turned two million dollars into seventeen million in a short amount of time!! Funny how things worked out, but it turned out to be a scam! The seventeen million went to zero overnight!! Carl, who never thought it was possible, is now considering suicide. He starts thinking what a fool he has been and decides to take a trip home to see his ex-wife Sarah and son Bradley. When he pulls in the driveway, he looks like a mess! He has tears and regret written all over his face! When Sarah comes to the door and sees him she feels very sad but won’t allow him in the house! She explains that Bradley is on a hunting trip with her fiancé. She explains to Carl that she waited for him to come home for years and it hurt her deeply that he never bothered to get to know their son! She was as nice as she could possibly be considering the circumstances and then shut the door! Carl lost his way and the privilege to ever walk through that door again!!

A lot of the people reading this post are living the life of Carl! Life is good and you have everything you need or so you think? God has laid out a plan and if you want to gain entry into Heaven, I suggest you follow it! The plan has been made very simple for you so there will be no excuses. God wants you to demonstrate remorse for the mistakes you have made throughout your life and repent! He then wants you to get on the straight and narrow keep your life in good standing! He is very understanding if you slip up, as long as you reset again! God also wants you to reach out to his Son Jesus Christ! He requires that you put in the time to build a solid relationship with Him. This is very important considering that you will be discussing Heaven or Hell with Christ when you die! I want to be very clear; you have some soul altering choices to make! God is not into sliding grades or participation trophies! There is no middle ground, you are either in or you are out. So, what’s it going to be people? Do you want to go to Paradise, or do you want to go see what Jennifer really looks like in Hell??     

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