"You Saved Me" - an Excerpt from Have Faith in God but Believe in the Devil

"You Saved Me" - an Excerpt from Have Faith in God but Believe in the Devil

“I was driving back to the barn to feed the horses this afternoon and had to take a detour due to construction. I pull up to a red light and stopped and noticed a man walking my way, pushing a grocery cart. The thought that everything he owned was in that cart crossed my mind. I rolled down my passenger window and said Hello. He was a little startled and surprised but responded with a smile and a Hello. He kept rolling his cart, and my light turned green, and we were going to part, never to see each other again. I quickly got a strong feeling that I should see if he needed help and turned the car around. When I pulled up to where he was, I asked him if he needed any help or any cash. My question seemed to bother him, and he seemed to wrestle with it for a while. He put his head in his hands and looked down. I got the sense that he was a proud man who was not comfortable asking for help. I encouraged him to come across the street to my window, and he finally did. I handed him some cash, and right away, he said, “Thank you!” He then very sincerely said, “You saved me.” I am not sure what caused us to cross paths, but I am very happy that we did. He made me realize how trivial the problems that I had been having were, and how fortunate and blessed I was. I ended up with tears of joy and the feeling that I really helped a man that needed a breath of fresh air. I hope my new friend finds his way home!”

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